Why Wealth Building is So Hard & How to Make it Easier

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Today we discuss the question I get asked quite often: “Why is wealth-building so hard, and what can I do about it now?” This is a strategic bird’s eye view to give you some insight into what I’ve been witnessing over the last ten years at least.

I share some of my own struggles on my journey so that you can better understand how you might go about diagnosing where to put your efforts and how to rectify or straighten up your success rate.  

So here are a bunch of ideas to unpack:

  • why you might be struggling to build wealth
  • reason #1: lack of time
  • reason #2: not knowing the right people
  • reason #3: not having a plan
  • reason #4: they’re swayed by popular media
  • reason #5: investing in slow performing mainstream opportunities
  • reason #6: not knowing who to trust
  • reason #7: difficulty distinguishing the right information
  • tips to help you get back on track
  • tip #1: diagnose your weakness
  • tip #2: stick to assets that’ll help on your journey
  • tip #3: being in control of your wealth
  • tip #4: align with people who have the results you want
  • tip #5: continuously define what life-changing wealth means to you
  • recap
Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro

00:02:14 – Why You Might Be Struggling to Build Wealth

00:03:23 – Reason #1: Lack of Time

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