Two Approaches to Business Exit Strategy

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Today’s episode is for business owners at the two ends of the spectrum: those who have pushed the idea of investment and wealth-building to the backburner, and then those who’ve been giving it a bit of a shake by trying to build wealth but aren’t really sure where to from here.

I’ll help you join the dots around the ideas of building business value and wealth and why they’re so integral.

We cover:

  • wealth building is about building a safety net for yourself,
  • a higher net worth doesn’t equal to zero financial problems,
  • the two business exit strategies you can fall under,
  • the three things business owners aspire to, and
  • Salena’s real life case studies.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:02:00 – Wealth Building is About Building a Safety Net For Yourself
00:04:37 – A Higher Net Worth Doesn’t Equal to Zero Financial Problems
00:07:53 – The Two Business Exit Strategies You Can Fall Under
00:10:38 – The Three Things Business Owners Aspire to
00:14:37 – Salena’s Real Life Case Studies
00:18:57 – Final Thoughts

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