The Three Types of Private Fund Investing Strategies

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I want to respond to a couple of you that have sent me messages asking for more of a deep dive on private funds. 

So today I’m going to unpack the three types of private fund investment strategies. 

I want to pull apart: 

  • what the private fund model looks like, 
  • why it’s different to other strategies, 
  • some pros and cons.


I want to take you through some example deals, and I really want to send you away with some lessons to think about in terms of getting clarity on whether it’s a strategy you want to embrace over the coming years.

We cover:

  • why private funds are the holy grail of strategies,
  • private funds vs real estate investment trusts,
  • Salena’s experience with private funds,
  • why you should consider private funds,
  • examples of private fund deals,
  • key characteristics of private funds,
  • what to look for when working with a private fund manager,
  • what a diversified income fund is,
  • income funds vs capital/growth funds,
  • what hybrid funds are,
  • the pros of the three private funds,
  • the risks of private funds, and
  • having due diligence & extensive knowledge on private funds.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:22 – Private Funds Are the Holy Grail of Strategies
00:02:45 – Private Funds Vs Real Estate Investment Trusts
00:06:22 – Salena’s Experience with Private Funds
00:08:30 – Why You Should Consider Private Funds
00:09:46 – Examples of Private Fund Deals
00:11:14 – Key Characteristics of Private Funds
00:12:35 – What to Look for When Working with a Private Fund Manager
00:15:20 – What is a Diversified Income Fund?
00:16:31 – Income Funds Vs Capital/Growth Funds
00:18:42 – What Are Hybrid Funds?
00:19:55 – The Pros of the Three Private Funds
00:22:25 – The Risks of Private Funds
00:25:01 – Having Due Diligence & Extensive Knowledge on Private Funds
00:26:07 – Summary & Final Thoughts
00:28:44 – Outro


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