Higher Wealth Doesn’t Mean No Money Problems

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I’m super excited today to talk about the myth that as your wealth grows, money problems disappear.

For those of you who are starting to experience wealth growth and are starting to recognise that your balance sheet is going up, this is a truly important recognition to have in terms of your development and wisdom around money and wealth.

We cover:

  • how money problems don’t evaporate, they change shape,
  • evolving challenges & concerns,
  • structuring your wealth in a tax-effective way,
  • inflation,
  • supporting your family & legacy,
  • why good deals are hard to come by,
  • being a smart investor,
  • being clear on threats & challenges for your level of wealth, and
  • Inkosi resources

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:16 – Money Problems Don’t Evaporate, They Change Shape
00:02:58 – Evolving Challenges & Concerns
00:04:05 – Structuring Your Wealth in a Tax Effective Way
00:05:48 – Inflation
00:06:52 – Supporting Your Family & Legacy
00:08:03 – Good Deals are Hard to Come by
00:08:52 – Being a Smart Investor
00:09:56 – Being Clear on Threats & Challenges for Your Level of Wealth
00:11:07 – Inkosi Resources
00:11:58 – Outro


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