The Sack of Sh*t We’ve Been Sold About Wealth Building

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Today, I am going to be a little controversial. 

I want to talk about the absolute sack of sh*t that society has cultivated over the last 50 or so years, which tells us that unless we are prepared to take crazy risks, the idea of early retirement or financial freedom before retirement age is just unattainable. 

There are many ideas that I’m going to bring into the discussion and I want to be really crystal clear that first of all, I had to ask the question of whether I’m actually even allowed to swear on a podcast! 

Hopefully, I haven’t offended anyone, but I guess the real sentiment behind what I’m trying to say is that I think far too many people are too polite about the topic of wealth building.  

We cover:

  • how people are too polite about wealth building,
  • why the train to financial freedom is a slow one,
  • there’s no way to get rich fast,
  • why you need to think like the banks & retirement funds,
  • Inkosi wealth client case study,
  • getting access to your freedom formula,
  • creating a higher level of stewardship,
  • figuring out how much capital you need, and
  • challenging your board of advisors.

Show Notes:

00:00:00- Intro
00:01:35 – People Are Too Polite About Wealth Building
00:03:37 – The Train to Financial Freedom is a Slow One
00:04:14 – There’s No Way to Get Rich Fast
00:04:59 – You Need to Think Like the Banks & Retirement Funds
00:08:03 – Inkosi Wealth Client Case Study
00:11:28 – Get Access to Your Freedom Formula
00:11:54 – Create a Higher Level of Stewardship
00:12:14 – Figuring Out How Much Capital You Need
00:12:26 – Challenge Your Board of Advisors
00:12:53 – Final Thoughts
00:13:43 – Outro


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