The Art of Projecting Wealth with Craig Budgen

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I am excited to have my good mate Craig Budgen with us, who also happens to be a member of our Inkosi Wealth programme. He and I have exchanged ideas and notes around the topic of how, as accountants or people with accounting backgrounds, we can use numbers to really tell a story. 

One of the magical ingredients of Inkosi Wealth is constantly looking at where different decisions will take you and what the impact of different decisions will be. We’ll discuss the dangers of that, and the pros and cons.  

We cover: 

  • Craig’s insight into pro formas & forecasting,
  • how spreadsheets can not work as well,
  • what to look out for in property investment spreadsheets,
  • outperforming property, and
  • the recommended framework when taking a deal to your accountant.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:53 – Craig’s Insight into Pro Formas & Forecasting
00:02:59 – How Spreadsheets Can Not Work As Well
00:05:20 – What to Look Out for in Property Investment Spreadsheets
00:09:32 – Outperforming Property
00:14:19 – The Recommended Framework When Taking a Deal to Your Accountant
00:18:38 – Outro

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