Is it Possible To Avoid Investment Loss?

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It’s really easy to look at other successful investors and believe that they always get it right. Maybe they have some kind of Midas touch or they’re on a winning streak. Today, I want to share with you a few stories on why I don’t think that’s necessarily true, and why trying to avoid loss isn’t actually necessary.  

We cover:

  • how loss is the natural consequence of diversification,
  • the story of Heinz Berggruen,
  • why you can be wrong majority of the time, but still get rich,
  • how index funds are not what you think,
  • how to play the long game with investments, and
  • key takeaway lessons of investing.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:14 – Loss is the Natural Consequence of Diversification
00:02:44 – The Story of Heinz Berggruen
00:04:22 – You Can Be Wrong Majority of the Time, But Still Get Rich
00:05:44 – Index Funds Are Not What You Think
00:07:47 – Play the Long Game with Investments
00:09:24 – Key Takeaway Lessons of Investing
00:11:42 – Final Thoughts
00:13:31 – Outro

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