How Do I Build a Passive Income of $100k Income in 3- 5 Years?

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Today I want to unpack exactly how easy it is to get to a six-figure passive income without needing a crazy amount of capital, and without taking on unnecessary risks. 

So this is an episode that a few of you have been crying out for because, to some degree, what I’m trying to teach as part of this podcast is just the fundamentals of wealth building. 

I think too often people are all about, “Show me the deals!” But the truth of the matter is, if you don’t get the fundamentals of wealth-building right, then it’s like filling a leaky bucket. 

The concepts of stewardship, choosing investments effectively, your mindset and relationship to money, the networks you cultivate and, of course, the wisdom and knowledge that you build are all pillars and massive contributors to your success as an investor. 

I’ve covered a lot of those in great detail in other episodes. So what I want to do today is be really practical and get into the nuts and bolts of what is required to build a six-figure income from alternative real estate.

We cover:

  • why you shouldn’t rely on your property portfolio for an income stream,
  • what alternative investments are,
  • the Freedom Map calculator,
  • client case study – #1,
  • client case study – #2, and
  • what the pursuit of alternative investments is all about.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:56 – Don’t Rely on Your Property Portfolio For an Income Stream
00:03:55 – What Are Alternative Investments?
00:06:36 – The Freedom Map Calculator
00:08:13 – Client Case Study – #1
00:10:57 – Client Case Study – #2
00:11:24 – What the Pursuit of Alternative Investments is All About
00:13:14 – Outro


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