Building an Epic Board of Advisors & Family Office

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Today’s episode talks about building an epic board of advisors to support you on your wealth-building journey.

I like the expression of building almost like a Jedi Council of people who can help you navigate difficult decisions, help you identify great opportunities and help you preserve and protect your wealth over time.

We cover:

  • the four pillars of great investing,
  • pillar one: stewardship,
  • pillar two: investment effectiveness,
  • pillar three: mindset & clarity of goals,
  • pillar four: knowledge,
  • where do your weaknesses lie?
  • the concept of the family office,
  • key considerations of a family office: education,
  • key considerations of a family office: financial security,
  • key considerations of a family office: protection & privacy,
  • the ultimate goal of the family office, 
  • having the right advisor for the right season,
  • advisors and a skill matrix, and
  • why building a board of advisors is critical. 

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:09 – The Four Pillars of Great Investing
00:01:57 – Pillar One: Stewardship
00:03:06 – Pillar Two: Investment Effectiveness
00:04:14 – Pillar Three: Mindset & Clarity of Goals
00:05:30 – Pillar Four: Knowledge
00:06:05 – Where Do Your Weaknesses Lie?
00:07:34 – The Concept of The Family Office
00:09:17 – Key Considerations of a Family Office: Education
00:10:05 – Key Considerations of a Family Office: Financial Security
00:10:47 – Key Considerations of a Family Office: Protection & Privacy
00:11:08 – The Ultimate Goal of The Family Office
00:12:12 – Having the Right Advisor for the Right Season
00:14:02 – Advisors and a Skill Matrix
00:16:25 – Building a Board of Advisors is Critical
00:17:31 – Outro

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