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This is a very short, sharp one today on a specific topic, and the reason I’ve chosen this topic is that a number of people have actually asked me this question, probably over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. And so, I thought it might actually make for a good topic for those of you listening. So, what is it that I’m looking for, and what is it that I admire in people who become part of my trusted advisor network? And I’m specifically talking about investors. 

We cover:

  • Why you can’t do business with everyone,
  • Attribute one: they are humble,
  • Attribute two: they’re not elitist,
  • Attribute three: they have a healthy relationship with money,
  • Attribute four: they under-promise and over-deliver,
  • Attribute five: they are compassionate,
  • Attribute six: they give back to communities,
  • Attribute seven: deep knowledge, and
  • Attribute eight: they value time and are generous.
Show Notes:
00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:15 – You Can’t Do Business With Everyone
00:03:29 – Attribute One: They Are Humble
00:03:56 – Attribute Two: They’re not Elitist
00:04:32 – Attribute Three: They Have a Healthy Relationship with Money

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