Are You Ready for Alternative Investments?

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I’m really excited to discuss the topic of how to know if you are ready for alternative investments.  

This podcast is picking up a lot of momentum and I’m receiving very excited emails from people who are starting to realise that maybe there’s a flaw in the traditional wealth creating model, and that alternative investments are literally a game changer from the viewpoint of achieving financial freedom effectively and fast. 

We cover:

  • whether you are ready for alternative investing,
  • building a capital base,
  • having another source of income stream,
  • being open-minded to alternative investments, and
  • why you should consider alternative investments.

Show Notes:

00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:16 – Are You Ready For Alternative Investing?
00:02:32 – Building a Capital Base
00:04:07 – Having Another Source of Income Stream
00:06:05 – Being Open-Minded to Alternative Investments
00:7:37 – Why You Should Consider Alternative Investments
00:9:10 – Reflection and Insights
00:10:17 – Outro


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